Charity Game

Charity Game

These bags should be illegal ... HUGE Value ... SO MUCH FIRE
- Get 5 entries to Win PSA 10 Mew EX!
- Charity Pokemon Bag!
* Guaranteed Graded Card
* Vintage Cards!
* XY Evo Holo/RHs! and More!
- Spin the Charity Wheel of Fire!
* Throwback Box
* Banger Box
* Spanish 2003 Ruby Sapphire Packs
* Tag Team Packs
* Jackpot Wheel!

100 Bags Made! Add a few numbers you'd like in descending order as to your preference. =)

Get them While they last! 4thekids!

The Following Bags have been claimed: 11,33,7,13,85,5,6,9,4,12,23,44,69,22,50,88,18,29,42,83,57,30,68,87,3